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Eighth Empanelment Workshop on ‘Domestic & International Arbitration-Law, Procedure and Awards’  on 14~16 February 2015 at Causarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

A new year always brings fresh hopes and opportunities. CIAC brings to you an opportunity to join its Panel of Arbitrators by attending the VIIIth Empanelment Workshop to be held in Delhi from 14 to 16 February 2015. 

The need for settlement of disputes through arbitral process is increasing with more and more Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Projects happening all around, and with the influx of more MNCs bidding for such projects of high stakes. There is also increase in the number of corporates entering the construction sectors. All this means more issues and disputes arising between the contracting parties. Naturally there is an increasing demand for expert arbitrators, be it domestic or international arbitration.  Apart from ad hoc panel of arbitrators, there is an increased need for parties opting for Institutional Arbitration.

Construction Industry Arbitration Council (CIAC) offers well-structured Institutional Arbitration with a high standard of professionalism and in that endeavour seeks to build a strong and well informed panel of arbitrators.

Our Panel experts are people of high integrity and knowledge and are from varied fields like judiciary, legal profession, engineering, management executives, financial specialists and so on to provide a wider range of option for the parties.

With this in mind, CIAC had been periodically conducting workshops to offer special orientation training on the various aspects of dispute resolution and arbitration to the aspiring panellists. The workshops are handled by expert resource persons who are endowed with hands on experience in the subject. The workshops are normally spread over a period of three days with different sessions focusing on different nuances and aspects of dispute resolution and arbitration so that, the participants, when empanelled with CIAC are considered as experts.

The need for arbitration is ever increasing and hence CIAC has planned to enlarge its panel of arbitrators by conducting an exclusive Empanelment Workshop. CIAC’s VIIIth Empanelment Workshop for enlisting aspiring persons to its Panel of Arbitrators is scheduled to be held from 14th -16th February, 2015 at Causarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The first two days will focus on the nuances and legal aspects of domestic and international arbitration.

Mrs Malini Ganesh, Senior Lawyer and Contract Management Consultant for Construction & Engineering Projects is the Program Director and has successfully conducted our previous workshops.

The third day (16 Feb) will be combined with a dedicated workshop on United Nations Commission on International Trade law (UNCITRAL) – 2015 UNCITRAL India Workshop on “Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry” to introduce the participants of the Empanelment Workshop along with UNCITRAL workshop participants to the topics on “How to Promote the Use of Arbitration / Mediation and Institutional Arbitration / ODR in Construction Industry”.

Apart from some of the finest experts from India, several UN experts shall address this Workshop.

Through a separate delegation fee of Rs 6000 is charged for participating in the UNCITRAL Workshop, the participants of Empanelment Workshop are exempted from this fee and will not be charged any additional delegation fee.

Registration Form for participation in the VIIIth Empanelment Workshop is enclosed in Annexure “A” along with application Form-C which indicate the eligibility criteria for empanelment. The programme for the VIIIth   Empanelment workshop for 2 days is given in Annexure “B”, whereas the programme for the 3rd day for “UNCITRAL Workshop” is given in Brochure “2015 UNCITRAL India Workshop” –Enclosed.

Whereas those who are interested exclusively for the “ UNCITRAL Workshop” are required to send their registration form attached with Brochure referred above. You may get in touch with Er. O.P.Gupta, VSM Acting Registrar, CIAC (E-mail:,  & Mobile No- +91- 9811553948) for any further details. Mrs. Jyothi Rani AGM (Project) CIDC for UNCITRAL Workshop (E-mail: & Mobile No- +91- 9871325020) & Ms. P.V Lakshmi, Sr Manager CIDC for Empanelment Workshop (E-mail:  & Mobile No-+91-9810714921) may be contacted, if so desired.  

I take pleasure inviting you to reap the benefits of the workshops by registering your   participation as individual/ sponsored candidate and facilitate the Council to enlarge its Panel of the Arbitrators.
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