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Empanelment of Arbitrators on CIAC Panel of Arbitrators
1. Empanelment of Arbitrators on the panel of CIAC in Southern India
2. Empanelment Workshop for Arbitrators on the panel of CIAC - 3rd Febrauary - 5th February 2023
3. Announcement of empanelment on Panel of Arbitrators
4. Form for Empanelment of Arbitrators in Grand Father Category (Form - C)
5. Eligibility for Empanelment in Grand Father Category
6. Form for Empanelment of Arbitrators in Executive Category (Form - B)
7. Eligibility for Empanelment in Executive Category
8. Eligibility Criteria for Empanelment of Mediators in Executive Category
9. Form for Empanelment of Mediators
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